Walker Stamps ’22



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Solar Market Strategy, Business Development Intern

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As a business development intern, I worked to create a go-to-market strategy for BoxPower’s new trailerized/palletized solar generator. The generator was designed with the help of the interns as a replacement to current diesel or gasoline generators that are used in off-grid locations. I conducted outreach through phone calls, emails, and attending a business conference and networking. I also conducted secondary research to determine value propositions, the competitive landscape, barriers to entry and market feasibility. I worked to create a financial calculator to determine the savings customers would gain from using the generator. I learned about the cost-effectiveness of solar microgrids, the current users and their dependence on diesel/gasoline generators, and how firms and industries are moving towards becoming sustainable. This internship gave me a new perspective on solar energy and its future. I plan to continue working in a position where I can advance the principles of environmental stewardship and carbon-neutral power generation.

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New Energy Future


BoxPower Inc.- Grass Valley, California


Anderson Barkow, Co-Founder and Vice President of Finance, BoxPower Inc.; Angelo Campus, Founder and CEO, BoxPower Inc.