Urvashi Uberoy ’20

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Computer Science

Project Title

Concrete Is 100 Years Old: A Historical and Technical Study

Certificate(s): Architectural Engineering

The primary goal of this project was to explore the impact of a single equation — which calculates the time any reinforced concrete structure will fail due to carbonation — on the study of concrete from technical and historical perspectives. As part of my contribution, I researched notions of concrete longevity in India to see if any historical or technical publications describe a particular life span for concrete. This research was to corroborate my mentors’ findings that revealed that concrete has widely been considered a durable, long-lasting material despite its susceptibility to carbonation. To expand the search range, I connected with an architecture firm in New Delhi and interviewed Indian structural engineers to determine whether there is an approximate life span for reinforced concrete in post-independence India. Conducting interview-based research was a new experience for me, and it showed me the way in which conversations with the right people can sometimes point you toward relevant material faster than scouring internet archives. I plan to take this skill forward in my future academic projects.

Internship Year


Project Category

Urban Systems and Planning for a Sustainable Future


Meggers Group, School of Architecture, Princeton University


Forrest Meggers, Assistant Professor of Architecture and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment; Lucia Allais, Visiting Research Scholar, Architecture