Tyrone Zhang, ’21, Geosciences

I worked on analyzing the ideal-age tracer in the ESM4 climate model at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory on Princeton’s Forrestal Campus and trying to use a different framework to understand the ocean. We used the old framework of depth and compared it using
a new framework, density, to see which better describes the relationship of the ideal-age tracer in the ocean. Density is a better option than depth, as you can reduce the distribution of ideal age in such a framework, but more work needs to be done. I used the ESM4 model that had no net emissions of carbon from human activities into the Earth system and looked at the model outputs. I analyzed these data using Python
via Jupyter Notebooks to look at the different relationships. This project gave me a glimpse into using model data and analyzing them, as well as increasing my familiarity with Python. This experience was very rewarding and it helped me develop new skills, especially in analyzing data and applying my knowledge of oceans to research.