Tobi Ajayi ’22



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Day's End — Ecological Research and Curriculum Development*

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Certificate(s): Environmental Studies, Visual Arts

My goal was to collect archival audio and video data to build a visual understanding of the history of the Day’s End sculpture being constructed at New York City’s Hudson River piers by Guy Nordenson and Associates and the Whitney Museum of American Art. The sculpture serves as a monument to the site’s rich industrial, immigrant and maritime history. The footage and audio I collected will be used in the production of educational materials surrounding the installment. It was important to not only document the construction proccess and research the site’s historical significance, but also explore various avenues so that this research could be presented to the Whitney in the most effective and engaging way. The skills gained in curating informative multimedia tools will undoubtedly be valuable as I continue to explore how visual arts and spatial representations can be used to engage, educate and inform communities.


* This internship is connected to the PEI Urban Grand Challenges project, “Urban Adaptation to Climate Change.”

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Urban Adaptation and Resiliency


Princeton University School of Architecture; Guy Nordenson and Associates- New York City, New York


Guy Nordenson, Professor of Architecture, Princeton University; Gina Morrow, Guy Nordenson and Associates