Tiffany Lim ’21


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Project Title

Manual of Physical Distancing: Space, Time and Cities in the Era of COVID-19

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I worked on a publication called the “Manual of Physical Distancing,” which is a visual assessment of the spatial consequences and urban challenges of COVID-19. My role involved investigating historic pandemics, researching cycling initiatives amid COVID-19, and designing a proposal for connected bike paths in New York City’s Union Square. Building off the Regional Plan Association’s Five Borough Bikeway plan, I assessed existing infrastructure using Google Maps and ArcGIS. I then visualized potential rapid and permanent solutions for bike path improvements using Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Rhino. Through this internship, I gained exposure to architectural practices by working with a team of architects and architecture students, developed my 2D and 3D visualization skills, and gained knowledge on urban design relative to crisis response. As someone who is interested in urban infrastructure, I hope to use the skills and perspectives I developed to inform my senior thesis and future projects.

Internship Year


Project Category

Urban Systems and Planning for a Sustainable Future


Lewis and Nordenson Group, School of Architecture, Princeton University


Paul Lewis, Professor of Architecture; Guy Nordenson, Professor of Architecture