Sophie Tyack, 2013, Classics

I worked with Princeton University and the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association to help design a program (dubbed the Harry’s Brook “Retain the Rain” project) to reduce stormwater management problems in Harry’s Brook that cause flooding, streambank erosion, and water quality issues. After doing some initial research on nonstructural stormwater management methods such as rain barrels, rain gardens, and green roofs, I created informational brochures and flyers to help educate residents in the Harry’s Brook Watershed about these options. I also met with experts from the Water Resources Program at Rutgers and visited existing rain gardens in the Princeton area. In addition, I helped orchestrate a public meeting about the program, and attended several events such as the weekly Princeton Farmer’s Market and the Watershed’s Butterfly Day, where I helped publicize the project and educate visitors by having a rain barrel on hand that kids could help decorate. Throughout the course of the summer, I learned all about nonstructural stormwater management methods and how important it is to properly manage stormwater runoff. In addition, I gained experience with public education and outreach, as a large part of the project was figuring out the best ways to get the community involved.