Sojung Yi ’12



Project Title

Nutrition Scarcity and HIV/AIDS Education in South Africa

I interned at Nkanyiso, a grassroots organization based in Johannesburg, South Africa that strives to address the pervasive problem of poverty in South Africa by providing comprehensive educational programs on HIV/AIDS, nutrition, and positive life skills. Nkanyiso focuses on HIV/AIDS education by incorporating practical prevention methods and specific knowledge on how to live with the disease – including a sustainable model of gardening and nutrition education that is integrated into schools. My internship responsibilities included helping to implement the garden programs, procuring grants, and researching and writing educational packets about the importance of nutrition assistance in response to HIV/AID.

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Nkanyiso, South Africa


João Biehl, Susan Dod Brown Professor of Anthropology. Co-Director, Program in Global Health and Health Policy