Sloan Huebner ’23



Project Title

Trade-offs in Individual/Collective Behavior in Response to COVID-19 and in Anticipation of Climate Change

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Certificate(s): American Studies

I examined how residents of New York City perceive short-, medium- and long-term risks, and how those perceptions align with the priorities of the city’s governance structure. The COVID-19 pandemic provides a particularly apt context in which to study the effect of a crisis in an urban environment on people’s perceptions of climate change, which may seem like a long-term issue despite the reality. I coded a survey using the software Qualtrics for distribution to selected populations via flyer distribution and Facebook recruitment. I compiled a catalog of pertinent local and regional governance actors, including municipal government officials, academics, nonprofit organizers, corporate actors, and state government officials. I also pulled relevant academic literature for a review on social-norm formation, mediating governance institutions and social change, and governance and power embeddedness. I enjoyed getting my first work experience in a research lab setting, and I acquired skills for creating surveys and conducting literature reviews that have prepared me for my independent work and graduate research. I hope to continue the research I conducted on social-norm and belief formation in my future research.

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Project Category

Climate and Environmental Science


Levin Lab, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University


Simon Levin, James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Elke Weber, Gerhard R. Andlinger Professor in Energy and the Environment, Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs; Sara Constantino, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and the Program in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy, and Lecturer in the High Meadows Environmental Institute; Elisabeth Krueger, Postdoctoral Research Associate and Lecturer, High Meadows Environmental Institute