Shannon Osaka ’17



Project Title

Small-Scale Fisheries Research and Training Internship

This summer, I interned for the Oceans Team at the San Francisco office of the Environmental Defense Fund, where I focused on small-scale sustainable fisheries reform in Belize and the Philippines. As a member of the Fishery Solutions Center, I developed case studies on how fishery reforms were implemented in small communities in these developing countries. My case study on adaptive management in Belize showed how data-limited assessments and harvest control rules could be implemented on the ground in a real-life scenario. My second case study on Ayoke Island in the Philippines showed how community consultation and decision making contributed to the design of a secure fishery rights management system. This experience gave me the opportunity to work with sustainability experts in multiple fields and confirmed my desire to work in the environmental nonprofit sector in the future.

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Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), San Francisco, CA


Sarah Poon, Environmental Defense Fund