Selina Pi ’19


Operations Research and Financial Engineering

Project Title

Financial, Electrical and Thermal Modeling of High-Rate Recharging Vehicles

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At Lightening Energy, a company focused on energy storage and recharging technology, I worked to develop cost-revenue models for different business scenarios involving high-rate recharging vehicles. My role also included producing and reviewing financial documents and presentations, which were sent to investors to market the company’s proprietary technology. My work allowed me to apply the economic theory I learned in class to the analysis of a real-world market and business. I needed to consider not only material costs and margins but also operating costs, local and national regulations, competition, and industry trends to obtain a well-founded estimate for potential demand and an idea of the risk involved. Through my work and Lightening Energy’s mentorship, I immersed myself in startup culture, learning about business opportunities in alternative energy and the amount of collaborative effort needed to bring a new business idea into action. The internship confirmed my interest in financial modeling, business valuation and market research in an environmentally sustainable and economically viable field. I’ve been inspired to further my academic studies in energy as a valuable resource and to seek a career leading the production of tangible, efficient technology.

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Alternative Energy


Lightening Energy, Dover, New Jersey


Eric Materniak, Program Manager and Engineer, Lightening Energy