Sean Treacy, 2016, Chemistry

This past summer I worked in the Caylor Ecohydrology lab helping to develop a model that describes how trees manage limited water resources. I primarily used a Scanning Electron Microscope to characterize xylem microphysiology in Pine and Oak species from the New Jersey Pinelands during different climate conditions. I learned to use MATLAB and create bash scripts in the terminal. Using both, I made a program that created and stored continuous data visualizations for the isotope analyzer in the lab. During my PEI internship, I developed more programming skills and had the opportunity to use advanced and primitive technologies to perform ecological research. I now know much more about laboratory and field research across various disciplines. Working as a team to complete various goals, my coworkers and I forwarded the frontier in our understanding of tree ecology. I plan to use the experience I have gained to engage in more environmental research projects and focus my studies around biological and environmental chemistry. I hope to someday conduct field research as part of a career in environmental sciences.