Sasha Culley ’21

Headshot of Sasha Culley 2020


Project Title

New Jersey Future: Water Infrastructure

Certificate(s): Cognitive Science, Environmental Studies

I worked on a data visualization project for not-for-profit organization Jersey Water Works (JWW), which is creating flood-impact maps overlaid with demographic data on race, income and other vulnerability and resilience measures. My work focused on the consequences of combined sewer overflows (CSOs), a particularly dysfunctional type of water infrastructure that most acutely threatens the public health of communities of color. I gathered demographic and flood data for future analysis and motivated the mapping project by researching economic disparities within the context of water infrastructure. After analyzing the results, I presented summaries to inform JWW member action and policy recommendations related to the inextricably linked environmental and racial-justice implications of CSO investment. The analysis and consequent maps will aid the identification of environmental-justice hotspots and help effectively direct investments in equitable and sustainable water-infrastructure solutions.

Internship Year


Project Category

Water and the Environment


New Jersey Future


Lauren Belsky, Program Coordinator, New Jersey Future