Sarah Jeong ’15


Woodrow Wilson School

Project Title

Environmental Learning Research Centre, South Africa

My internship with the Environmental Learning Research Centre (ELRC) showed me the necessity of an interdisciplinary background when tackling environmental issues. The ELRC’s practical approach to encouraging sustainability was very rewarding because its projects contributed directly to local communities. I worked on projects ranging from assisting in the design of an environmental education kit that will be reproduced and mailed to schools across the Eastern Cape to publishing the success and failure stories of local sustainable entrepreneurs. I discovered that environmental change requires knowledge not just in environmental issues, but also in psychology, ethics, economics, and a wide range of other fields. My work reinforced my love for the environment and writing, and introduced a new passion for understanding cultures and using sustainability to benefit communities. I excitedly anticipate exploring environmental policy in African countries through the Woodrow Wilson School. I am thankful this internship gave me so much direction and kindled an interest that I see myself pursuing indefinitely. I hope to extend what I learned this summer to give back to the communities and causes that have made my education so fulfilling.

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Rhodes University, South Africa


Robert O’Donoghue, Rhodes University