Sam Melton ’23


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Project Title

Geospatial Data Collection and Mapping

Certificate(s): Urban Studies

I worked with Climate Central’s Climate Matters program to perform data analysis related to urban heat island intensity and how far people in urban areas live from substantial green spaces on nearly 500 cities across the United States. I performed these analyses using ArcGIS Pro, a software program that aids in geospatial analysis and mapmaking. I combined census data and recent land cover data to create maps revealing concentrations of heat or lack of green space in the cities. I also created charts to demonstrate correlations between distance to green space with race and income; these findings may be developed further for a future release from Climate Matters. This work highlighted the environmental inequities present in cities, which will only be worsened by climate change. Through this internship, I was able to develop my geospatial analysis and mapping skills, which I plan to utilize in my senior thesis. Working with Climate Central also gave me the opportunity to conduct data analysis related to environmentalism and urbanism for a nonprofit organization, which I now hope to do in my future career.

Internship Year


Project Category

Extreme Weather and Impacts


Climate Central - Princeton, New Jersey


Jennifer Brady, Manager, Analysis and Production, Climate Central; Andrew Pershing, Director of Climate Science, Climate Central; Kaitlyn Trudeau, Data Analyst, Climate Central