Ruth Nachmary ’12



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Reporting the Science, Impacts, and Solutions to Climate Change Across the United States

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Climate Central‘s challenge is to communicate about climate change in a way that will help people identify with what it means for them, their families, and their neighbors. Changing minds and behaviors is what will really keep atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations at levels climate scientists have suggested. This internship challenged me to step outside myself to understand what others would identify with and to determine how best to reach them. I was also challenged to use new forms of media and communication, to work in teams and individually, and to meet journalistic deadlines and standards with which I was previously unfamiliar. The internship provided me with a foundation to go into journalism, should I chose that path, or to be an effective climate communicator in whatever field I choose.

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Climate Central, New Jersey


Michael Lemonick, Visiting Lecturer, Astrophysical Sciences