Raphael Frankfurter, 2013, Anthropology

In my second summer researching in resettlement camps for civilian war-wounded and amputees in Kono, Sierra Leone, I worked with the NGO Wellbody Alliance to ­develop and implement a new community health project. I began the summer conducting ­ethnographic research in the camps to gain a thorough understanding of the needs of the amputees, and determined that food insecurity, nonadherence to medications, and lack of access to prostheses were major problems affecting the health of the ­community members. I then worked to design a community health intervention in which Wellbody Alliance would hire community members to monitor amputees taking medications, ­assess community-members who seem sick, bring amputees into the district prostheses workshop for refittings and physio therapy, and provide daily salaries to amputees who work in livestock farms run by Welbody Alliance. When I left, we had implemented this project in four camps, and within one year community healthworkers should be working in all nine of Kono’s resettlement camps.