Raphael Frankfurter ’13



Project Title

Mental Health Among Kono's War Wounded: Chronic Pain, PTSD and the Trauma of Everyday Life

I worked in rural Sierra Leone at the Global Action Foundation’s Wellbody clinic, which provides free healthcare to war-wounded civilians. For my internship I conducted a mental-health needs assessment of amputees to determine the prevalence of PTSD-like symptoms and develop a potential intervention. My research showed that a truly effective psychosocial program should address the ‘trauma of everyday life’ first and foremost in order to improve quality of life. I designed a program that involves heavily-monitored microloans, financial and life coaching, and psychological and family counseling by trained community members. I believe this will be a successful program to help alleviate the destitute poverty and I hope it will be piloted within the next year.

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Global Action Foundation/National Organization for Wellbody


João Biehl, Susan Dod Brown Professor of Anthropology. Co-Director, Program in Global Health and Health Policy