Priscella Chan ’14


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Project Title

Oxford University Clinical Research Unit: Vietnam /Nepal Typhoid

This summer I interned with the Oxford Clinical Research Unit, and worked on mapping the burden of typhoid fever, which is endemic in Southeast Asia. Not only do some patients die from complications of the disease, but since typhoid is treated with antimicrobials, patients must also face the challenges of increased drug resistance. This summer, I conducted literature research on the case fatality rates and drug resistance patterns of typhoid disease in a variety of countries in Southeast Asia. Since the majority of articles and trials detailing the incidence rates and antimicrobial resistance are rather outdated due to the quickly changing lifestyles and infrastructures of these typhoid-endemic countries, my work focused on gathering and summarizing data from the year 2000. A summary of the data I analyzed will be submitted to the World Health Organization for publishing. Thanks to this internship, I not only learned how typhoid fever can be eradicated, but I also gained insight into how a health system functions in underdeveloped countries like Vietnam. In the future, I hope to continue studying infectious diseases and their effect on specific populations.

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Oxford University Clinical Research Unit, Vietnam


Bryan Grenfell, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Woodrow Wilson School