Nicholas Callegari ’20


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Project Title

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Surf Park Sustainability Standard

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Certificate(s): Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Energy

I helped develop a sustainability standard for surf parks, which are surfing destinations that rely on artificial ocean waves produced by wavegeneration technology. These large developments have a significant impact on local communities, environments and cultures. But surf parks are unregulated by most local governments. They are still relatively new and there is not yet any classification for these developments in terms of operation. I helped create a standard of more than 140 metrics for measuring the efficacy of sustainability management systems, surfresource conservation, and the quality and safety of experience-delivery at surf parks. Our metrics also would examine the social, economic, cultural, and environmental impacts of surf-park operations. Furthermore, I assisted in creating new metrics for analyzing the energy efficiency of surf parks, the aim of which were to set industrystandard benchmarks that would encourage future parks to consider sustainability. I plan to assist in future revisions of this standard and personally assess new surf-park developments.

Internship Year


Project Category

Climate Change and Environmental Science


Center for Surf Research, San Diego State University-San Diego, California


Jess Ponting, Assistant Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management, San Diego State University; Carl Kish, Program Coordinator of Center for Surf Research, San Diego State University