Michelle Lau ’12


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Filling the Generation Gap Sustainably Both From an Economic and Environmental Perspective

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I spent this summer interning at the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) in New York City where I worked with the Office of Economic Policy and Analysis on a ­“Generation Gap” Study. This study characterized the current electricity generation capacity of the ­United States and examined the composition of the power system over the next few decades. We also researched different policies to support the evolution of an ­economically and environmentally viable electricity system. My main responsibilities were to prepare fact sheets for different generation types, as well as write reports summarizing ­government, consulting, and policy reports for other members of the team. Outside of my main ­research, EDF also provided the interns at the office with many opportunities to learn about environmental issues and campaigns with which EDF was directly involved. This internship allowed me to experience work in a non-profit setting, and I was also able to strengthen my research skills, as well as my knowledge of various energy and ­environmental issues.

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Environmental Defense Fund, New York


Gernot Wagner, Environmental Defense Fund