Michelle Lau ’12


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture and Biodiversity in South Africa

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I spent this summer working closely with a post-doctoral researcher in the Woodrow Wilson School researching the effects of climate change on crop yields and biodiversity in South Africa. This project focused on South Africa because it is an area with a large agricultural sector that is highly vulnerable to climate change. The main objective of the project is to understand how climate change will affect crop yields in the next century, as well as how human responses to climate change will influence South Africa’s biodiversity. My main responsibilities included preparing crop, soil, and weather data to use as inputs for modeling crop yields. I also worked to calibrate a crop modeling program and interpreted the results that the model produced. I am looking forward to and will be continuing this research into the semester.

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Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University


Michael Oppenheimer, Albert G. Milbank Professor of Geosciences and International Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School. David Wilcove, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Public Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School. Lyndon Estes.