Melina Acevedo ’16



Project Title

Copper Nanowires for Hydrogen Evolution and Hydrogen Oxidation

This summer I conducted research in the Koel lab of the Princeton CBE department. The purpose of my research was to synthesize and characterize copper nanowires for alkaline water splitting. I used scanning electron microscopy to characterize my nanowires, and cyclic voltammetry and polarization curves to asses their activity for the hydrogen evolution reaction. In addition to gaining familiarity with microscopy and electrochemistry techniques, I also gained perspective as to what life is like as a materials science/chemical engineering graduate student. Overall, this internship allowed me to become more comfortable as an independent researcher and to develop a method of approaching scientific research problems. This year, I will build upon the research of this summer and work to improve the activity of my nanoparticles. I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in the fields of materials science and energy.

Internship Year


Project Category

Alternative Energy


Princeton University Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Princeton, NJ


Bruce Koel, Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering