Megan Partridge, 2014, Civil and Environmental Engineering

I spent the summer introducing point-of-use colloidal silver impregnated ceramic ­water filtration technology to communities in Kenya, with the ultimate goal of ­reducing ­water-borne disease and stimulating economic development. After conducting ­laboratory tests at Princeton to determine the microbial removal and flow rate of the filter ­technology and designing a baseline survey and follow-up assessments to ­analyze the ­filter’s practical effect on user health and wealth, I initiated a six-month pilot ­project in ­Kenya. My work in Kenya provided insight into the design, distribution, and ­implementation of low-cost ceramic water filtration technology in a rural village. I conducted laboratory and field testing to begin identifying and evaluating customer ­benefits and opportunities for product refinement and a marketing entry strategy. I also ­developed community outreach programs for health and sanitation education. I hope to see the pilot project develop into a sustainable private sector supply chain for ­ceramic water filters in Kenya.