Meagan Yeh ’18


Chemical and Biological Engineering

Project Title

Clean Small Fusion Reactors

The overall goal of our project was to separate out the fusion products: tritium, Helium 3, and Helium 4 and deuterium by species. From an environmental perspective, the extraction of tritium is crucial as it is highly radioactive. We analyzed three different methods for this separation, plasma methods, surface and volumetric effects, and liquefaction methods. Most of the research we conducted was theoretical research, i.e. reading articles and performing preliminary calculations based on accessible data. Other duties included surface science experiments and running TRIM and SRIM computer simulations to test the validity of our theoretical predictions. I gained experience collaborating with a research partner, using data from other interns’ related projects to perform calculations, and reading scientific journals. Through the internship, I discovered how my chosen major, chemical and biological engineering, is applicable to many different fields, such as plasma physics. As a result, I plan to broaden the scope of my classes over the next two years.

Internship Year


Project Category



Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL), Princeton, NJ


Samuel A. Cohen, Director, Program in Plasma Science and Technology