Matthew Pickering ’24


School of Public and International Affairs

Project Title

Integrating Fisheries Into the Blue Economy

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Certificate(s): History and the Practice of Diplomacy

I worked on a new project to outfit fishing vessels with sensors to collect oceanographic and meteorological data for a global ocean observing network. This was part of a larger effort to integrate fisheries into the blue economy (i.e., the sustainable use of ocean resources) and make sure that small-scale fisheries in particular do not fall behind modern technological standards. I spearheaded this project from EDF’s side. Much of my time was spent working on a white paper with other international oceanographers to detail the project’s history and goals. I also outlined terms of reference for the project. Lastly, I helped organize a series of three international workshops to bring together scientists, ocean-observing systems administrators, and industry stakeholders to craft a longer term strategy. I learned firsthand how collaborative the field of oceanography is, and I gained experience in research, scientific writing, and event organization. This internship has crystallized my desire to pursue a career in sustainability.

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Project Category

Sustainable Food Systems


Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) - San Francisco, California


Christopher Cusack, Director, Oceans Technology Solutions, EDF