Maricela Coronado ’17



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Ocean Acidification and Deoxygenation: Climate Variability Versus Climate Change

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This past summer I was able to work in the Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences (AOS) Program at Princeton and it was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. My research used initial condition ensemble experiments run with GFDL’s Earth System Model (ESM2M) as a way to interpret ocean interior variability and trends in a watermass framework. One of my research goals was to detect changes in the ocean biogeochemistry, complicated by the background natural variability of the climate system, and to compare it with observational data sets. This research peaked my curiosity and I became fascinated with being able to use climate models to help inform the observational data sets. In addition, my PEI internship gave me the opportunity to work with researchers who really took the time to help me improve my research and data analyses. Furthermore, the Princeton AOS program did a phenomenal job in giving me access to seminar series, journal discussions, and feedback and mentorship. As a result of my positive summer experience, I feel like I entered my junior year highly prepared to conduct research and it influenced me to continue my summer work into the academic year.

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Climate Change and Environmental Science


The Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AOS), Princeton, NJ USA


Jorge Sarmiento, Professor, Geosciences