Maria Fleury ’22


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Project Title

Norm Dynamics as Agents of Social Change and Environmental Sustainability*

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My research focused on identifying social norms surrounding the implementation of offshore wind-energy projects in New Jersey. As part of the larger Rapid Switch project at Princeton, which looks at the fast decarbonization of India and the United States, our goal was to understand potential bottlenecks in the rapid transition to renewable energy. This included market research on the offshore wind-energy sector, mapping out and interviewing stakeholders, conducting fieldwork in Atlantic City and coding for social norms. I worked closely with our lab manager and postdoctoral fellows and presented findings in lab meetings. This experience helped develop my communication skills, and provided me with great insight into the social complexity of implementing such large-scale projects and deepened my interest in the societal part of engineering.

* This internship is connected to the PEI Urban Grand Challenges project, “Norm Dynamics as Agents of Urban Social Change and Environmental Sustainability: Investigating Cross-Cultural Differences and Longevity of Intervention.”

Internship Year


Project Category

Urban Adaptation and Resiliency


Behavioral Science for Policy Lab, Princeton University - Princeton, New Jersey


Elke Weber, Gerhard R. Andlinger Professor in Energy and the Environment, Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs; Johanna Matt-Navarro, Research Lab Manager, Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment; Alicia Cooperman, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies; Sara Constantino, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Woodrow Wilson School