Lena Hoplamazian ’24



Project Title

“Cleaning Up”: Case Studies on Environmental Remediation in New York City

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Certificate(s): Architecture and Engineering

I worked on the “Cleaning Up” series for the Urban Omnibus publication; a collection of features looking at toxic spaces, pollution, and environmental remediation in New York City. My project centered around researching and developing illustrated case studies, which are illustrations representing “before” and “after” stories of heavily polluted and remediated sites in the New York City area. Researching the information for the case studies helped me hone my research skills, but taking the details and deciding how to visually represent them to tell a story was the truly unique part of this internship, and the aspect that most challenged me. After years of honing my communication skills with words, it was a great opportunity to communicate with visuals. This internship enabled me to explore the intersection of urban space and the environment, and to look closely at how pollution, toxicity, and communal efforts to heal environmental damage interact in the city. It renewed my commitment to the urban environment, a long-time interest and passion of mine. I was also immersed in the architecture world, working out of The Architectural League office, which made me even more excited to continue my coursework and research in the Architecture and Engineering certificate program.

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Project Category

Urban Sustainability


The Architectural League of New York - New York City, New York


Mariana Mogilevich, Editor-in-Chief, The Architectural League of New York; Joshua McWhirter, Managing Editor, The Architectural League of New York