Kevin Bors ’13


Electrical Engineering

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Development of High Performance Quantum Cascade Lasers

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The goal of this project was to develop a method for non-invasive glucose sensing. This would be particularly useful for those afflicted with diabetes, who need to test their blood glucose levels often. In Professor Claire Gmachl’s laboratory, experiments explored the possibility of using powerful and tunable lasers known as Quantum Cascade Lasers, or QCLs, for such sensing purposes. I spent the summer programming in a language called Labview, in order to control laboratory equipment via computer. My program controlled both a QCL and a bi-axial rotation device (BARD), capable of rotating two axes – in this case usually the sample and a detector for taking light intensity ­measurements. The ­program enabled the production of extremely high resolution graphs exploring the ­interactions of mid-infrared light with skin, while decreasing the amount of human ­involvement, and thus human error, needed in the experiment. I learned a lot about ­visual programming languages, along with the applications of such languages. I will continue to work on this project into the fall semester.

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Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey


Claire Gmachl, Eugene Higgins Professor of Electrical Engineering