Kaylee Zecchin ’22



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WeatherPower 3.0: Solar and Wind Energy Forecaster

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Certificate(s): Statistics and Machine Learning

My internship focused on updating — and improving the accuracy of — the database of wind-turbine and solar-panel installations in the United States that forms the basis of Climate Central’s online WeatherPower tool. WeatherPower educates meteorologists and journalists on clean energy-related forecasting, and my internship included remodeling the format and method by which Climate Central collects and utilizes wind and solar data. After updating the data and approach to processing the data, I contributed to rewriting major portions of the documentation for WeatherPower to reflect the changes made. I became fluent in Python, familiar with Django, and I furthered my research skills and ability to communicate complex topics. This internship was my first hands-on experience handling big data, programming and software development, and I have decided to incorporate large data and coding in my future opportunities. I utilized more coding and programming skills than mathematical skills. As a mathematics major, I would like to have an equal balance of computer skills and math in my future career as well.

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Climate and Environmental Science


Climate Central


Eric Larson, Senior Research Engineer, Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, Princeton University; Jennifer Brady, Manager of Analysis and Production, Climate Central