Kayla Dobies ’20



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Potassium Homeostasis in Eukaryotes: Insights from Potassium Isotopes

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I collected data on the various potassium isotopes concentrated in the cytosol of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. The mechanisms that help maintain the osmotic balance-diffusion of water across a membrane in bacterial cells regulated by potassium is largely unknown. By measuring the different isotopes in various organisms, we hoped to gain insight into this phenomenon. While working to uncover isotope data, I had the chance to study in a geosciences and a molecular biology lab. I was involved in all steps of the procedure including media preparation, cell culturing and cell digestion. With experience in a professional lab and working in an environment with graduate students, I am better prepared to take on the rigors that is a senior thesis and other research in the years to come.

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Water and Health


Higgins and Zhang Labs, Department of Geosciences, Princeton University


John Higgins, Assistant Professor of Geosciences