Kathleen Wade, 2011, Woodrow Wilson School

This summer, I worked with a local non-profit organization, Parisar, on sustainable development as it relates to transportation policy in Pune, India. Along with a college-age Indian intern, I directed the ‘Cycle for Pune’ program, which aims to raise awareness about urban development strategies and the role bicycling can play in bringing about a more livable, developed city. We facilitated, and then presented workshops about Pune’s current development trajectory to 7th-10th grade students in Pune schools. Afterwards, the students and principals sent a form letter and petition to the local government asking for better bicycling infrastructure so that students can cycle to school safely.

In five weeks, we gave eight workshops at six schools, reaching 1300 children and collecting 2500 surveys from students and parents about cycling in the city. I also did considerable work systematizing Parisar’s methods of operation. I designed and managed new forms and a spreadsheet for organizing information about participating schools, updated our surveys, and devised a system for recording and evaluating our workshops throughout the summer. My co-worker and I also completed a manual documenting our procedures so that new interns can successfully continue the ‘Cycle for Pune’ program during the fall.