Kathleen Wade ’11


Woodrow Wilson School

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Investing in Renewable Energy- An Update on Barriers and Proposed Solutions

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As a U.S. State Department Intern in the Office of Global Change, I worked alongside U.S. climate negotiators researching a range of topics from carbon finance to deforestation to multi-lateral climate partnerships. Highlights of my experience included helping to facilitate the Department of Energy’s first ever Clean Energy Ministerial, which brought energy heads of state from the top emitting countries to Washington D.C. to announce new clean energy initiatives; drafting the official office comments for the finance chapter of on a preliminary report on renewable energy by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; and creating a memo circulated among the directors of each office in the Oceans and Environmental Science Bureau that quantified the lifecycle carbon emissions associated with Canadian oil sands production.

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Climate and Energy


U.S. State Department, Office of Global Change


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