Katherine Pratt-Thompson ’18


Art History

Project Title

The Ecocritical Exhibition

I conducted research for the exhibition, “Nature’s Nation: American Art and Environment.” This exhibition rethinks the history of American art in relation to ecology and environmental history by examining how American artists have reflected and shaped environmental understanding, while also shedding light on the emergence of a modern ecological consciousness. It combines art history, environmental history and scientific analysis with the emerging discourse of ecocriticism. I spent most of the summer researching the process behind creating an exhibition catalog. These encyclopedias of knowledge allow individuals to engage with the pieces of an exhibition both intellectually and visually, but they also create a significant ecological footprint between the printing process, the energy usage and the waste produced. My task was to create a web design that complemented the exhibition. The website will guide visitors through the complicated decision-making that goes into the creation of a catalog. The construction of this online space comes with the hope that by shedding light on the environmental impact of art catalogs, a dialogue can be opened on ways in which this process can — and should — be made more environmentally cognizant moving forward.

Internship Year


Project Category

Biodiversity and Conservation


Princeton University Art Museum


Karl Kusserow, John Wilmerding Curator of American Art, Art Museum