Joshua Oppenheimer ’11


Woodrow Wilson School

Project Title

Health and Medicine Program

The projects that I was working on were specific to the Summer of 2009, in which healthcare reform legislation was being crafted on the Capitol. Dr. Blumenthal sought to impact the reform debate as much as she could, so that public health and disease prevention programs would be central to reform, not just changes to health insurance. I conducted background research and wrote a background brief for a Working Group of biomedical research experts who were crafting recommendations for policy makers. I also attended conference at other think tanks and meetings on the Capitol to learn about hot topics in health policy. Dr. Blumenthal also works to shape the internship to your own interests – for me, that meant helping Dr. Blumenthal to write several Op Eds that were published on the Huffington Post. I would strongly encourage future students to intern with Dr. Blumenthal, whether she remains at the Center or whether she takes another position in government.

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Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress, Washington, DC