Jonathan Lin ’17


Computer Science

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Identifying Mechanisms for Pacific Warm Pool Acidification with Earth System Models

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This summer, I collaborated with Keith Rodgers of the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences department in calculating the effects of human-induced changes on marine organisms and ocean ecosystems. Specifically, we used the trends and noise of the ESM2M model to calculate when ocean acidification, ocean warming, ocean de-oxygenation, and biological changes would emerge and become measurable. This topic was especially important as the cumulative impact of multiple stressors on ocean ecosystems may lead to damage far more severe than that from individual threats alone. Throughout the summer, I definitely gained an open perspective to what life is like as a graduate student in geosciences (specifically atmospheric and oceanic science). I also gained many scientific critical thinking skills, and developed a methodical approach to attacking scientific problems. Before this summer I was already interested in atmospheric sciences, and this internship definitely influenced my interest in the broader atmospheric and ocean system. I look forward to taking more courses in these areas.

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Climate and Energy


Princeton Environmental Institute, Princeton, NJ


Stephan Fueglistaler, Assistant Professor Geosciences; Keith Rodgers, Research Scholar, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences