John Davis, 2014, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

The goal of our project was to design and install a wind turbine at a secondary school founded by a Princeton professor, Carolyn Rouse. The purpose of the wind turbine was to: provide a stable source of energy for the school, serve as a research platform for the students, and promote education about sustainable energy in the school and the community. To achieve these ends, we designed the system, assisted in its construction, ordered the necessary parts, and worked with the local government to import the needed elements. We also designed part of a science curriculum for the school and helped teach a few classes. This internship gave me valuable technical knowledge about wind turbines. More importantly, I learned about working in developing countries and its related difficulties, which I had not anticipated. I plan on learning more about the economic development of growing countries and related challenges in my classes, which can hopefully supplement my experience in the field. In the future, I hope to be able to work on a similar project, using everything I learned this past summer.