Jocelyn Tang ’14


Computer Science

Project Title

Pediatric Tuberculosis

During my internship at the Desmond Tutu TB Centre I performed a variety of tasks ranging from updating the website to designing plans for the renovation of the centre. I also helped to develop standard procedures for media documentation, maintain the Facebook and Twitter sites, and create a Wikipedia page. I also helped generate the annual report for the centre by writing articles, compiling necessary documents, making edits, designing the layout, and publishing the report. I also had the opportunity to observe field work, and I was able to visit a township in Khayelitsha as well as the Brooklyn Chest Hospital. I participated in a few research projects involving health care procedures for the PopART (Population Antiretroviral Treatment); I examined data to analyze and predict factors that cause patients to discontinue participating in studies in which they are enrolled. By reading through many reports and writing my own, I learned a lot about health issues in South Africa, particularly tuberculosis. Some of the research projects showed me how I could apply computer science to medicine, and the internship elucidated how I could combine my major with my interest in developing countries.

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Desmond Tutu TB Centre, South Africa


Bryan Grenfell, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Woodrow Wilson School; Jeremy Farrar, Oxford University Clinical Research Unit and Princeton University Global Scholar; Nulda Beyers, Desmond Tutu TB Centre