Jessica Chen, ’22, Civil and Environmental Engineering

I conducted research on calculating the emission-reduction potential of specific actions in the borough of Princeton’s Climate Action Plan (CAP). As climate change becomes a global problem that affects multiple sectors of life, communities such as Princeton have begun
to set goals to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions. I worked with Sustainable Princeton, the non-profit organization spearheading the CAP, performing calculations from spreadsheets showing emission projections until 2050. I used those data to create and add to the CAP’s methodology section, which explains the procedure behind the greenhouse gas emission calculations. At Sustainable Princeton, I met many dedicated people who have inspired me to continue incorporating sustainability into what I do. I hope to use this knowledge to obtain certificates that are related to sustainability, such as sustainable energy or environmental studies. In addition, as a civil and environmental engineering major, I hope to focus on green building within communities to lessen the impacts that the crisis of climate change has on the world.