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Community Forestry with RECOFTC: Protecting People and Forests

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My summer internship, funded by PEI and facilitated by Princeton in Asia, was a position in the communications department of the International Organization RECOFTC – the Center for People and Forests. The internship lasted eight weeks and was based out of their main office in Bangkok, Thailand. RECOFTC deals primarily with community forestry training and project facilitation. During my time there I was responsible for organizing their photo library, putting together an interactive office calendar, working on launching their new website, and most importantly copy editing several of the reports and articles that came through our office for publication. Most of my time was spent editing the text of publications and finding photos to accompany them. I also spent one week doing field research in Cambodia collecting success stories in three villages in two different provinces in relation to an ongoing community forestry project in the country under the management of RECOFTC. Although RECOFTC operates throughout Southeast Asia, it has remained a fairly small organization, which provided me with many opportunities to see the efforts of my work in our finished products. The success stories I collected and the photos I took in my fieldwork are going to become part of a publication on the project in Cambodia. Overall it was a wonderful experience and an incredible learning opportunity.

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RECOFTC - Center for People and Forests, Thailand


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