Jeffrey Gleason, 2018, Computer Science

This summer I worked to help launch the Mapping Princeton project, a project with the long-term goal of creating a Princeton atlas, under the guidance of Catherine Riihimaki from the Council of Science and Technology. The goal of the atlas was not just to map locations, but also to focus on things like the campus’ physical evolution and changing demographics. Over the course of eight weeks, my co-intern and I put together a 30-page Princeton atlas divided into three sections: people, history, and the environment. In the people section we put together layouts on where undergraduates study abroad and how Instagram traffic is distributed around campus. In the history section we mapped the campus’ expansion and how its uses have changed. Finally, in the environment section we made layouts of Campus Dining’s food sources and the campus’ light distribution. The project was a fascinating exercise in capturing information through mapping; it will be interesting to see what we can continue to learn about Princeton through different ways of mapping. This internship solidified my interest in data analysis and the application of data analysis perspective to projects where that perspective isn’t immediately apparent.