Jayson Badal, ’22, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Certificate(s): Applications of Computing

I designed modern flow-control techniques for the body of motor vehicles in order to reduce drag and fuel consumption. I used synthetic air jets that actively responded to the surrounding flow conditions of an SUV prototype to reduce the loss of momentum in the wake and separation of airflow from the sides of the vehicle. This project centered on fundamental experimental research in turbulence and fluid mechanics. Its long-term objective was to achieve maximum drag reduction, as well as an acceptable balance with comfort, safety and aesthetics. My responsibilities included studying previous research in the area, computer-aided design, 3D printing and time-pressured prototyping, and subsequent testing. I gained invaluable insight into the world of aerodynamic research and acquired a profound appreciation for those pushing the boundaries of human knowledge. Moreover, I learned about the intricate workings of the scientific community that allow for successful collaboration, innovation and invention.