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Amazon Indigenous Health

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In this internship, I participated in clinical rotations in various clinics and hospitals in Quito and Puyo, Ecuador and their surrounding areas.  I visited and lived with two Amazon indigenous communities, Kichwa and Shuar, and learned their culture and traditions and healing practices.  The purpose for this internship was to conduct my Senior Thesis research comparing Amazon indigenous healing practices with Western medicine, and this internship allowed me to get into contact with the communities that would be essential to conduct such research.  In the clinical rotations, my preceptors were medical doctors who took the time to explain why they made every decision that they made and step that they took.  The indigenous communities were welcoming and willing to travel by foot for a total of ten hours to meet me to take me to their community five hours into the jungle.  Overall it was an amazing experience and I learned so much about some of the many cultures that exist in Ecuador, and most importantly, I learned about myself and to be more comfortable in my own shoes when dealing with difficult and new situations.

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Child Family Health International, Puyo, Ecuador and surrounding communities


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