James Warrington ’13



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Boosting Positive Corporate Environmental and Social Impact at Terra Cycle

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At TerraCycle, my role was to assist the members of the Executive Department in ­furthering the development of TerraCycle’s business. My work specifically dealt with ­increasing the environmental and social impact of the company, ­expanding the ­global/domestic reach of the TerraCycle business model, and improving the ­relationship ­between the employers and employees. I aided in the international expansion of a new rewards program that stresses social and environmental responsibility over ­monetary compensation, developed waste management portfolios known as ­Recycling ­Audits, and selected and screened different insurance companies for the one that could ­provide TerraCycle employees with the best benefits package for the lowest cost. During my time at TerraCycle, I gained a number of essential business skills such as the ability to conduct meetings and to advise and negotiate with people in different countries. In addition to these skills, I also learned the ins and outs of turning trash into cash. Thanks to my experience at TerraCycle, I now have a better understanding of how for-profit business can fit into the environmental movement and I am intent on pursuing an environmentally-focused career.

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TerraCycle, New Jersey


Richard Perl, TerraCycle