Jacqueline Chu ’15



Project Title

Monitoring Antibiotics Use in Freshwater Aquaculture in Vietnam

My internship at the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit focused on analyzing and summarizing data gathered on antibiotic use and antibiotic knowledge by aquaculture farmers in Vietnam. The data I analyzed was obtained from a direct survey of farmers in Vietnam and from biological analysis of aquaculture products collected from local Vietnamese markets. This information is a vital step in creating strategies to tackle antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria. Since aquaculture products account for a large portion of the Vietnamese diet, aquaculture’s use of antibiotics can have a large impact on Vietnamese health. After studying the data, I determined that economic incentives, such as higher sale prices for healthier-looking fish, are a major determinant of a farmer’s choice to use antibiotics in his aquaculture. From this project, I was able to refine my technical writing ability, and, most importantly, I was exposed to the fields of clinical microbiology and infectious disease, which are now areas I wish to study further.

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Oxford University Clinical Research Unit, Vietnam


Bryan Grenfell, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Woodrow Wilson School