Ildil Kore ’10



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Health Systems and Concerns for Ex-Mineworkers

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I interned with Teba Development, an NGO based in Johannesburg that gives focused development services to the mining community of Southern Africa. It offers care and support to ill-health retired mineworkers with conditions such as TB, HIV/AIDS, injuries, etc. through delivery of medical kits, referrals for treatment, voluntary counseling and testing (VCT), family awareness education, and care for orphans. During my time in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, I interviewed the families of ex-mineworkers and collected data regarding overall health, living conditions, and livelihood strategies of the households. In Mozambique, I worked with the Partnership on HIV and Mobility in Southern Africa (PHAMSA), which aims to reduce the HIV incidence and impact of AIDS among migrant and mobile workers and their families. I accompanied community agents (members of community that educate members about safe sexual practices, health, promote education, counseling) on their daily rounds to Teba clients and assisted with community outreach such as drama plays that stimulate discussions and debate.

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TEBA Development, South Africa and Mozambique