Heather Madsen ’24


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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Religious Environments in Roman Britain

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Certificate(s): Archaeology, Environmental Studies

Through my internship, I gleaned a background in ancient Roman archaeology and culture. We began by reading work on Roman Britain by British archaeologist Miranda Aldhouse-Green so as to establish a foundation of religious and funerary practices and customs. We then proceeded to categorize religious sites mined from the text, supplementing them with more found online. Once we had a large base of data in the online database Airtable, we embarked on independent research. I studied the health implications of Rome’s dependency on lead in Britain and, in particular, how water and aquatic cults intensified the epidemic of lead poisoning in the ancient world.

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Urban Systems and Planning for a Sustainable Future


Kay Research Group, Department of Art and Archaeology, Princeton University


Janet Kay, Associate Research Scholar, Art and Archaeology