Harjot Sidhu ’19


Electrical Engineering

Project Title

Financial, Electrical, and Thermal Modeling for High-Rate Recharging Vehicles

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The primary goal of my project was to effectively use a new battery technology for industrial applications. I worked on researching a battery-management system for six battery cells and studying the appropriate component costs. I then consolidated this information into a “pitchdeck” to present to potential investors. I also researched an automation and communications design for an industrial application, creating a preliminary design for a network that connected the industrial vehicles. For my last project, I built a batterymanagement circuit for two battery cells. Through this amazing experience, I furthered my knowledge of electrical-engineering principles – specifically the workings of a battery – and developed skills in finance as I worked on financial models and analyses. This internship experience influenced my future academic study by creating an interest in the renewableenergy sector, an area that I plan on studying more. Working at Lightening Energy was an enriching experience that has allowed me to not only further my own skills, but also work in the exciting environment of a startup company.

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Alternative Energy


Lightening Energy, Dover, New Jersey


Eric Materniak, Program Manager and Engineer, Lightening Energy