Hannah Vazquez ’13


Comparative Literature

Project Title

Maximizing the Survival of the Grevy’s Zebra

The Development Grand Challenge internship in which I participated took place ­primarily in the Samburu Heartland, a region in north central Kenya. I worked with the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and Earthwatch on the Grevy’s Zebra Project, a conservation project that aims at identifying and mitigating threats to Grevy’s Zebra survival in order to contribute to a viable Grevy’s Zebra population. My time in Kenya was divided between the AWF office in Nanyuki and field work in Wamba and the neighboring conservancies. My supervisor was Dr. Paul Muoria, the head scientist on the Grevy’s Zebra Project, but most of my work was done in close collaboration with Paul Gacheru, an AWF volunteer currently obtaining his master’s degree.

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African Wildlife Foundation, Kenya


Lital Levy, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature; Paul Muoria, African Wildlife Foundation