Hannah Davinroy ’17



Project Title

Clean Energy Intern

As a research intern for the New York Clean Energy program, I analyzed current policy initiatives in New York State. In particular, I studied the treatment of grid modernization technologies and renewable generation in the Renewing the Energy Vision. My primary contribution to the team was authoring a paper on using distribution-scale voltage optimization strategies to reduce emissions. I was also responsible for analyzing and summarizing utility-submitted transition plans for adapting to a shifting energy future involving intermittent renewables, “smart grid” technologies, and increased customer engagement. I also analyzed mechanisms for including the social cost of carbon in the market-based wholesale electricity rate. I really hope to apply the skills I learned in the economic analysis of particular approaches to reducing emissions from energy generation. The balanced approach of the Environmental Defense Fund helped me learn the many complicated facets of environmental issues.

Internship Year


Project Category



Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), New York, NY


Rory Christian, Environmental Defense Fund